40Ft Slickline Hydraulic Mast

The hydraulically operated mast sections are easily erected by 1-2 men in approximately 10 minutes. The mast can be extended to 40ft. The mast requires an external hydraulic power pack. With a high safe working load, this unit is designed for super light duty to medium duty slickline operations, and can withstand high side winds.
This telescopic Slickline mast is highly compact, rigid and stable, for heavy work in the toughest conditions. All-steel construction is for maximum strength in minimum dimensions. Extensive safety features and interlocks is for maximum working safety

Technical Specification:

  • Dimensions & Weights
    • Transport Dimensions: (L) 4.435 m, (W) 1.248 m, (H) 1.550 m
    • Weight: 1,500 kg
  • Mast Capacity

    • Under Hook Height (m): 12.50
    • Column Safe Working Load (ton): 3.00
    • Main Winch Lift Capacity (ton): 1.50
    • Main Winch Hold Capacity (ton): 1.50
  • Wind Operating Conditions

    • Rigging up/down allowed at wind speed up to 11 m/sec.
    • Between 13 and 27 m/sec. guy lines are required.
  • Options

    • Jacking wheel
    • Guy line set
    • Storage cover
    • Storage box
  • User Handbook

    • General Information
    • Safety Precautions                               
    • Operation Instructions                                     
    • Preventive Maintenance                                 
    • Parts Book